The Tap of Kansas started in a small shop on Harry Street in Wichita, KS back in 1994. After 25 years in business, The Tap of KS has grown into one of the largest locally owned plumbing and irrigation supply houses in town. Growth continues each year and The Tap attributes this to its emphasis on exceptional service and offering those hard to find plumbing and irrigation parts. Our mission:

"Provide our customers with the highest level of service, while offering industry leading products. We consistently offer our customers the best available products and brands at competitive pricing. We are committed to continually educating our staff so that we are the industry’s leader in product knowledge and troubleshooting. Striving to breed a culture of success, The Tap provides a work environment where its employees can grow professionally and financially."

The Tap of Kansas is Wichita’s find-it-all supply house for plumbing, irrigation, hydronic floor heat systems, and hard to find parts. You’ll find, most every part and product you need, and the expertise for you to get the job done right. We have earned a reputation in Wichita and across Kansas for solid reliability, competitive pricing, and great customer service.

We not only sell the products, we give you the Know-How to get the job done.

As members of the , The Tap of KS is constantly involved in the community.  By being such a big part of the community we are able to hear of projects, products, and prices that will keep giving our customers the competitive advantage they seek and need. The Tap of KS is also a member of Omni. Omni is the premier buying group in the plumbing and heating industry.  Omni consists of 240+ plumbing wholesaler distributors across the United States and more than 120 of the best-known manufacturers of plumbing products.  This gives The Tap an advantage of being able to have a greater buying presence (= lower prices for its customers) and the access to most every plumbing product and need. Through its commitment to great service, quality products, and competitive pricing, The Tap of Kansas is your one stop shop to get all your plumbing and irrigation supplies and expertise to help you succeed on any project.