• Don Patry - President

    Along with being President Don is also The Tap of Kansas’ Purchasing Agent.  Prior to founding The Tap of KS on February 28, 1994 Don had been working in the plumbing wholesale industry since 1975. He has passed the Master Plumber’s Test, served on a purchasing committee for $100 Million Buying Group, a 3 time Top 100 Purchasing Agent, and currently a member of $1 Billion Buy In Group.  Locally born and raised Don has taken his 39 years of experience and has grown The Tap of KS into one of the largest locally owned plumbing and irrigation wholesale companies in the state of Kansas.

  • Larry Dougherty - Vice President

    Larry has been with The Tap of KS since 1997 and is currently a Partner, the Vice President, and Director of Sales and Marketing.  Larry is one of the only Certified Irrigation Designers in the state of Kansas.  He has served on the Plumbing Board for Wichita for 2 years and has been in the irrigation industry for nearly 20 years.  Larry got his Bachelors of Science in Accounting from the University of Nebraska Omaha and served 2 years in the Peace Corps.  While in the Peace Corps Larry found his passion for water conservation and has brought that passion to The Tap in the many irrigation systems he has designed.

  • Steve May - Chief Financial Officer

    As Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Steve has been with The Tap nearly from the beginning.  Steve joined The Tap of KS in 1995 after working 6 years as a Production Manager for a Defense Contractor.  Before Production Manager Steve was a plumber for 4 years and received his degree in Industrial Technology from Wichita State University.

  • Aaron Brasser - Inside Sales

    Aaron, also a Partner, oversees all retail and wholesale sales employees.  Aaron has been a part of The Tap of KS team for the past 15 years.  Prior to The Tap he installed irrigation systems for 4 years.  Over the years he has become known as the local expert in pump systems, floor heat, and lawn irrigation.  Utilizing his knowledge Aaron started and heads The Tap’s Employee Education Program where he insures that all employees are industry leaders in product knowledge.

  • Richard Becker - Dispatch Manager

    A Tap of KS team member for 5 years, Richard Becker has become one of Tap’s largest assets. Prior to joining The Tap of Kansas Richard was self-employed for 10 years. This experience is a vital key to The Tap’s success. As Partner and Dispatch Manager Richard oversees 3 delivery drivers, all vehicles, and is in charge of all out going orders and deliveries. As The Tap of KS grows Richard can assure all our customers of timely and accurate deliveries.

  • Kim Scheidt - Human Resource Manager

    Kim is much more than what her title states.  Kim is the Accounts Payable Manager, Collections Manager, Inventory Manager, and she handles price changes, returns, defective inventory, and all employee matters.  She has been with The Tap of Kansas for 7 years, but before that she was the Administrative Assistant at KFC.  Kim is also 1 of 6 partners and is a vital part of The Tap team.

  • Monty Cruse - Account Manager

    By adding Monty Cruse The Tap of KS has been able to tap into a part of the plumbing market they had not yet been able to. Monty has been in the wholesale plumbing industry for 13 years and specializes in Commercial Plumbing Bid & Spec. With the addition of Mr. Cruse The Tap of KS is confident that in a few short years they will be a force in the Commercial Plumbing Sector.